Smirnoff experience

I’m going to a beeeg party tonight under the banner of “Smirnoff experience” as part of the Telus world ski & snowboard festival that’s been in town the past week (check out It’s been pretty cool cuz they’ve been giving out lots of freebies in the village – I’ve bagged a couple of free breakfasts, some hot chocolate and a couple of smirnoff beverages so far..
Anyway, there’s a good lineup including Josh Wink, Ali B and Hipp-E plus a couple others I hadn’t heard of… I think I could be the only person there not drugged up but hey. The only downside is I have to work at 11 tomorrow and the party goes on ’til 5.

Couple other things, I saw Justin Timberlake at work today, not that I’m that bothered, and also he’s been following Lewis & Matt around a bit on the hill…apparently ;) also JF Pelchat – a pro boarder who’s in a couple of our DVDs.

Oh yeah and I handed my notice in last Sunday – there’s light at the end of the tunnel! Last shift is on next Sunday. Still not found a house yet but have heard back from a few places. Fingers crossed.

More later!

3 thoughts on “Smirnoff experience

  1. Shalsa

    – just got this from the mom. i especially love my job when i know my clinets are happy:Sarah, THANK YOU! we have had many compliments on the pictures. It goes without saying that Arabel warmed up to you so quickly because you are such a kind, approachable person. You have such a good rapport with children and a talented eye for taking unique, memorable photos. Please let us know when you plan on coming back… we have many interested friends.


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