This Monday I did a bungy jump!! It had to be done because we had the opportunity to go for only $20 (I think normally it’s $45 or $50), because we had some money to spend on an event for all the bussing staff at work. I think there was about 30 people who went all in.
It was actually scarier than I was expecting, although I wasn’t scared before I jumped, as obviously I’m an adrenaline junkie ;) because about half way down the jump I started thinking, “shit I’m not stopping and I’m falling a long way”! I think everyone felt the same about it to be honest. One girl Nobuko had to be pushed off the platform, which was pretty funny, prompting someone to shout, “sorry, no refunds”, lol.
There’s a video of me doing the jump which Yuki took on her video camera too, which is absolutely comedy cuz it looks like I’m a puppet on a string, I’ll try and stick a link up for it if I get it from her!
Unfortunately the riding that day wasn’t as great as I was hoping because my option board seems to be too stiff for me and I was having trouble fighting with it that day which crippled my feet :/ but I’m going to fiddle with my setup and see if that improves the situation. Also we had to get off the mountain early cuz we had to go get the bus to the bungy place at 4.30!

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