Birthday and last week’s events

Just a few notes about what’s been going on..
Last week I went down to Vancouver with Yukiko and we stayed in the Pan Pacific hotel ( which was a very nice place!. We got upgraded to a harbour view room too, I got some pix of the view that I’ll stick on the net soon. While we were in Van we spent most of the time shopping (for my birthday pressie :o) which I felt kinda bad about, especially cuz I’m so picky.. Still, we managed to find a t-shirt and a pair of skate shoes eventually (mwah). I was actually quite shocked because she said if she was working in a proper job she would spend like £250 on someone for their birthday, which is unprecedented to me being the pauper and skinflint that I am :)
We went to a thai restaurant called ‘Simply Thai’ for dinner that night (you can see it at which was good but still not as good as the Siam Smile in Cheltenham! Also we were given bad directions by the bus driver so we were about 30 or 40 minutes late and walked a long way in the wrong direction… muppet.
So that was Monday and Tuesday, on Wednesday I didn’t really do anything because the working Sunday then walking round for two days had tired me out cuz I guess I was still getting over being ill. Then on Thursday I was supposed to go on an all mountain pub crawl cuz it was another of my friend’s birthdays (Bobby Dazzler) on the same day, but I ended up getting out of bed at 2pm then going for a late lunch so I only made it out for 6 o’clock! We ended up going to Merlins then Crystal Lounge then Tommy Africas, although some of the contingent went to Moe Joe’s and I think we were being separatist, but it was a really good night, I broke out the pink wig again and a bunch of the guys were in one piece ski suits, check the pics out :)
On Friday, or maybe Thursday night, it actually started dumping snow. Then it continued to snow until Sunday night!! I think we had about 75cms which has made this week a much more inviting prospect :)
On Sunday night I went out again for my birthday, because some people had complained about my lack of informing everyone (mainly because I couldn’t be arsed to phone loads of people on Wednesday), so yeah I said we’d go out again. Unfortunately because it coincided with the snowfall, which has been such a rarity, no-one was really up for going out on a massive bender so it ended up just being some drinks at the longhorn, which has its locals night on a Sunday. So that was the extent of my birthday celebrations this year! Although I did get a birthday cake this Wednesday (a week later!).

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