Recently I’ve started thinking about where I’m going after here, most of my plans depend on finances.. not good news.
At the moment people seem to be leaving here in droves. Last Friday Saturday Sunday I mentioned there were 3 leaving parties in succession, 2 people from work and my housemate, Kim. So far I don’t think anyone’s left this week, but it does seem like there’s always a leaving party going on.

I’m almost certain that I’m going to go down to Vancouver after finishing here (our lease expires on the 27th April), but it depends on me finding a job quickly as I don’t have money to go out partying at the moment! I’m not sure if I’m going to go down with anyone either, but if I do go down on my own then it’ll be hassle trying to find a house..

Of course my original plan was to go from here to Vancouver then Toronto then go travelling to some places in the states, but that was when I thought I had a grand stashed away for that which has long since been cut into, baaaaaaah.

I’ll keep things posted, anyway.

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