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Well I haven’t had a great deal to report over the past couple of weeks, I got pretty sick of going to all the bars here so have been abstaining from going out so much, plus everyone has been short of shifts recently due to the shite weather!

My situation hasn’t been as bad as some other people, for example my friend Fee’s restaurant has been closed for 3 weeks! And I am back on 5 days a week this week. Having said that, I’ve asked to change to 3 days a week because having had a taste of the good life I can’t be assed to go back to the old ways… Doing my 5th day in a row this week nearly killed me :) besides we paid our last rent installment a couple of days ago so anything I earn from now on is gravy!

I went out boarding the past couple days, I was pissed off yesterday because it had rained top to bottom a little bit on Tuesday night (it’s been below freezing at the top for the rest of the time) and Monday and Tuesday looked to be awesome boarding days – not great visibility but quite a lot of fresh powder from the on and off flurries over the previous week. I was meant to have Monday Tuesday off, which are my regular days, but they changed my schedule on Sunday so I had to work those days :( this has also provoked me to want to work less, muha.

Aside from work and boarding I have been spending quite a lot of time with a very nice Japanese girl who I work with :) which is a welcome alternative to going drinking every day!! Her name is Yukiko and she’s in one of the pictures I’ve stuck up on the web, I’m also trying to learn some Japanese from her :p partly out of interest and also to try and keep my brain occupied a little bit to counteract the destructive effects of performing a monkey job ;)

So yes, that’s about all the news I have. We’re all praying for it to dump!!

Pleeeease everyone let me know what you’ve all been up to, I’ll probably be a bit slow to reply but I will reply eventually!

Lots of love X

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