Monthly Archives: January 2005

More Weather

So a couple of days ago it was near -20 degrees and the next day it was 0 degrees… What’s up with that! Today it’s been raining on the bottom of the hill and in the village, but at the top it’s been snowing all day :) the FIS world snowboard championships are in town at the moment (although I’m yet to go and see any events) so I bet they’re well impressed with it raining on their race track and half pipe >:)

I took a different board up for a couple of hours today because when we got to the top there were a bunch of demo tents around, so I took up this 156cm Jeenyus wood series freestyle board (which was perhaps not the cleverest idea seeing as the snow was choppy as hell and very heavy) for a mess around. First thing today it was pretty miserable because we were sat on the chairlift, in the rain, and it was verrry wet. After an early lunch though we went a bit higher and had some reeeally fun runs. It was much easier after I got my normal board back because it’s built to DESTROY the chop :p in fact my friend Mark described it the other day as, “a battleship” – hehe. Hopefully it’ll continue snowing all week (latest forecast says that’s likely) cuz I’ve got the next 3 days off as well!

Good for riding, bad for bank balance…

Ski Brotherhood

Today at work it was actually quite fun, dare I say. One of the rooms at the restaurant was closed off and I was working at a private function for ‘the Ski Brotherhood’, which is a group of around 450 all black skiers who are in town at the moment. They had a DJ playing and the hoochie mommas were getting jiggy. Also they had something of a penchant for sprite, and coca cola are running a promotion at the moment whereby you can win stuff with the tokens found on the underside of the bottlecaps. So every day at work we collect the caps from coke, diet coke and sprite (this is how interesting it is). Anyway we had a stash of like 150-200 caps by the end of the day and then we popped them all in the gondola on the way down (which took us nearly the whole journey) and won 19 free bottles between 6 of us :) also I managed to get 2 giant cookies, a huge chocolate-raspberry muffin and some raspberry pie at lunch on top of my soup and pizza :D so woooow interesting day huh?

coolio, literally

The past few days it’s reached -20?C here. Yesterday with windchill it was -30?C on the hill, people were going out for one run, coming in to get a hot drink, then going home.. I heard of 3 people who got frostbite(!)

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week I was doing my instructors course (which I passed!) so we were sat around a lot of the time freezing our nuts (or anti-nuts) off.. which was nice..

Anyhoo now I hope that maybe I can get an instructor job at the weekends and perhaps stay with my current job for 3 days a week. I was half thinking of dropping some hours anyway because I’m concerned about not doing enough boarding while I’m here, plus we’re due some excellent days sometime soon. Of course I can’t really afford to work less but what the hey :) It’s either that or try and switch jobs, but I think that maybe that would be a step sideways rather than forwards… Decisions decisions


They were fine at work, nooo worries. Plus psychologically it felt like I’d worked 6 days in a row even though I’d had a day off in between. Incidentally I’ve seen another job advertised for retail/rental/valet host, but the downside is that I have no time to go to the cabin to apply..

Today I started my CASI level 1 snowboard instructor course. I was hoping for great things as a couple of my friends said it was really useful for improving your riding, but I don’t really feel like I’ve learned much today! Plus I stacked onto my right butt cheek on ice twice whilst trying to bust a backside 1 which didn’t put me in the best mood :)

Other news:

  • Jamie upstairs has broken his leg, oh dear.. Apparently he’s in Vancouver right now being operated on but will be back on Friday
  • Seamus is going home on Thursday :(
  • I don’t think I’ve been out clubbing for 3 weeks
  • Had some traditional Korean food last night cooked by one of my workmates and spoke about “knowing people’s minds” :) in fact I think that deserves a whole post
  • Work is sooooo boring
  • Got a core shot on my board last week (which means where you remove all the base material down to the core), which sucks, but it’s only a little one so not too bad
  • Am trying to find the money to buy an option makinen, woohoo :)
  • Have run out of non interesting news items to bore you with

That’s a wrap.


Have to work tomorrow at 9 (so up at 7) so I don’t think it’s going to be a majorly crazy one tonight, we’re going to my friend Paul’s in White Gold for a house party but I’m guessing I’ll leave pretty soon after 12..

So my nothing too crazy didn’t really work out.. All was going well until I noticed a guy was DJing upstairs rather than it just being CDs one after the other, at which point I felt compelled to ask for a go. It was already 1am at that point though and I ended up playing for an hour and a half and missing my last bus home (at 2.15).. Then I attempted to leave twice but Paul (whose house the party was at) and Tim wouldn’t let me go and gave me more drinks.. I Didn’t end up leaving the party until 4:15 and had to bring Jennie (who lives upstairs) home with me and put her in bed cuz she was kinda sick :)

We counted down the new year with the help of the TV and Beth had brought a bottle of champagne to crack at midnight (and then proceeded to throw most of it on the floor), then we attempted a rendition of Auld Lang Syne and no-one knew the words as per. Then somehow it got really late, Lewis and some other people went to Garfs and saw Pamela Anderson, then came back to the party around 3:30, all my housemates left, we pillaged all the alcohol that we could find, had carrot fights and cornflake fights, ate chocolate gateaux……

Anyway like I said yesterday I had to be at work at 9 this morning, so I set my alarm for 7.15 and looked forward to getting up after 2 hours sleep. When I woke up it looked kinda too light to be 7 in the morning, so I looked at the clock and it was 12.15… Oh. Dear. I phoned work straight away and left a message, got dressed and ran out to get the bus (well, ran is a little overdramatic, but the thought was there). Whilst on the bus though I phoned them again and spoke to my supervisor, Stefan, and he said not to bother coming in because it wasn’t very busy and be in bright and early tomorrow, so I got off at Meadow Park (sport centre) and walked back home, and hopefully I’ll still have a job when I get there tomorrow :s (!)

Possibly the best new years for a few years tho :)