Big air

Yesterday afternoon me & Harriet (a potentially permanent housemate) went to check out the big air competition up on Blackcomb. I thought it would be silly not to watch any of the World Championships while they were here, and it even stopped raining for a while (although in its place the ramp was kind of shrouded in cloud). The top of the gondola was a slush pool too which had to be carefully negotiated to save turning my feet into ice blocks.

To be honest the whole thing was a bit disappointing, as it seemed kind of half assed. Plus the crowd didn’t really seem that up for it (something to do with the alcohol free policy perhaps?). Some of the tricks were pretty awesome though, I took some videos which I haven’t checked yet but I’ll try to bang something up on the web. And I don’t even know who won :) anyway it was pretty cool. Then we went and had double G&Ts at 3 in the afternoon mmmmm :D

Today I was working for the first time this week!!! It was pretty dead and, although it snowed for most of the day, it had turned to rain again by the time we had to go out and put the ski racks away :( I was going to go and check out the half pipe finals which are on tonight but as it’s so wet I really can’t be arsed to go and get soaked.

So, instead it’s snoozing on the sofa! The Empire Strikes Back is on telly and there’s a 24 pack of beer outside that is tempting us.

Oh yeah, today Si managed to dislocate his shoulder, muppet. Also his thumb which he previously thought was just bruised has apparently suffered ligament damage and has been put in a cast :D hehehe. So he properly looks like the walking wounded. Lol.

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