Monthly Archives: January 2005

Big air

Yesterday afternoon me & Harriet (a potentially permanent housemate) went to check out the big air competition up on Blackcomb. I thought it would be silly not to watch any of the World Championships while they were here, and it even stopped raining for a while (although in its place the ramp was kind of shrouded in cloud). The top of the gondola was a slush pool too which had to be carefully negotiated to save turning my feet into ice blocks.

To be honest the whole thing was a bit disappointing, as it seemed kind of half assed. Plus the crowd didn’t really seem that up for it (something to do with the alcohol free policy perhaps?). Some of the tricks were pretty awesome though, I took some videos which I haven’t checked yet but I’ll try to bang something up on the web. And I don’t even know who won :) anyway it was pretty cool. Then we went and had double G&Ts at 3 in the afternoon mmmmm :D

Today I was working for the first time this week!!! It was pretty dead and, although it snowed for most of the day, it had turned to rain again by the time we had to go out and put the ski racks away :( I was going to go and check out the half pipe finals which are on tonight but as it’s so wet I really can’t be arsed to go and get soaked.

So, instead it’s snoozing on the sofa! The Empire Strikes Back is on telly and there’s a 24 pack of beer outside that is tempting us.

Oh yeah, today Si managed to dislocate his shoulder, muppet. Also his thumb which he previously thought was just bruised has apparently suffered ligament damage and has been put in a cast :D hehehe. So he properly looks like the walking wounded. Lol.

Vancouver rerevisited

I went to Vancouver today for a change of scenery, brought on by the fact that there were only 2 chairs open on each mountain today (although I’d already decided to go yesterday as the forecast was for lots more rain). It was very nice to see somewhere else other than Whistler, and reassuring to walk around a town where everyone isn’t wearing a ski jacket..

My only agenda today was to see if there were any boards on offer at the boardshops on 4th avenue and check out Chinatown. The chinese supermarket was an experience :) where else can you find frozen goat meat and lower intestines? Also I went to the Sun Yat Sen gardens (or something like that) and took a bunch of pictures, which was quite cool.

After my supermarket shopping we went and had a curry in a proper tacky curry house which reminded me a lot of some places in Birmingham! The others I was with were craving for it and the one Indian restaurant in Whistler is (unsurprisingly) extortionate.

After that it was a loooooong drive home. Funny thing also, whilst we were in Van it was dry pretty much all day but once we got within 10kms of Whistler we hit the wall of water again…

Slush boarding

Forgot to mention yesterday – whilst we were having a race from the top of the Excelerator chair to the Crystal chair I stacked at top speed head first backwards, then woke up today unable to lift my head due to whiplash :) needless to say I was winning having straightlined from the top…

Today is all about the monging out in the house though.

Laters X

Jesus goddamn christ

Outside the rain is POURING down. We went up for four runs today and it was pissing down the whole time, plus the buses aren’t running up to our house because the roads apart from the highway have become a giant ice rink (hence it’s extremely treacherous to walk up and down our hill), so we’ve had to walk up and down the hill to get the bus and gotten even more soaked in the process :/

What the hell is going on? It should be dumping with snow. It’s 1 degree above zero up to about 2200m, so instead of snowing as much as it should be instead it’s wrecking the base down low and making the rest of it incredibly heavy… Everywhere else around has shedloads, this is not fair.

It’s pretty miserable, and we’re pretty peeved..