Monthly Archives: December 2004

Or so I thought…

Intrawest have no record of the hours that I’ve worked. They’re amazing!!! Hence zero dollars in the bank today. Awesome. Work v busy again today as one girl didn’t turn up and am very tired as felt duty bound last night to pop out as it was Fee’s birthday. Only saw her for about 15 minutes though and went home at 10:15 to go to bed! So was bit pointless. Tonight chilling out again methinks, believe housemates might have hired return of the jedi :)

Oh and forgot to mention yesterday that I managed to smash 3 dishes during the course of my shift, get in! Also stole some jams today, who said I don’t get any perks.

Have come home this evening to a pitiful Christmas tree decorated with beercans, lol. Si is jealous because I have an advent calendar and he doesn’t, meh! Thanks mummy for my Christmas parcel which I received yesterday, I shall be opening the pressies on the 25th!


Ohhhh I forgot to mention, Aussies say “Heaps” in the same way Canadians say “super”, for example, “that’s heaps good”, except they also say, “yeah heaps better”… Heaps or super, which is worse?!?! :)

Also Si overheard a conversation the other day where an individual was described as “Super quality”. “Yeah he’s super quality” was the quote. Is there no end to this madness?

Some more things.. Oh and it’s payday!

Went out with Dee last night, was cool! Chatted for ages, amongst other things she was telling me about how they used to race around their souped up cars back in oz, hehe. Ended up getting 2 hours sleep (wink wink) then walking home at 7 this morning encountered a wolf/husky thing running in the opposite direction (in the dark) which growled menacingly and scared the shit out of me!!

Work was joyous as I was fairly out of it, actually it’s been pretty cool the last couple of days as the atmosphere has relaxed a little but today was CRAZY busy as I was doing ‘cart’ which means collecting all the crockery from the stations in the restaurant and running them (on a cart, surprisingly) to the dishwashing room, then racking everything up. The only problem was we had a massive lunchtime rush and there was only one person doing the dishwashing… So there was an enormous bottleneck of stuff and it was basically piled up floor to ceiling (I’m not really kidding), so it was kinda nuts in there for a couple hours. Jumping topic slightly I think there may be something of a shakeup at work after Christmas as other staff I’ve spoken to there seem to have mixed emotions about it also :)

Other things of note – there was an absolutely beautiful view down the valley today as there was a lagoon of cloud shrouding the foothills then the sun was shining on the peaks all the way down the valley. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me so you’ll have to use your own imagination but yeah, where else can you look out of the window at your workplace and see that?! On a negative – I was stuck in the lift with a rather outspoken Canadian idiot this morning, which was the last thing that I needed. Goddamn I’m hard done by :)

Oh yeah, and went back to enquire about the DJ job AGAIN a couple days ago. They’ve put this useless woman in charge of opening the club due to their management crisis and she was totally unhelpful as she has too much on her plate apparently, so basically I’m back to square one and have to go see the guy who is the main DJ at the club on Saturday. At least I can namedrop I guess. Will keep you informed!


Today at work I was in the daily newsletter – called ‘the Messenger’ – because someone had filled out a comment card praising my excellent service, saying how I’d shown them to their seats and made them feel very welcome, LOL. What a joke. When I heard it I thought it must have been one of my friends taking the piss. It later transpired that Kim and Caroline had filled out a card the day after I’d been told off for talking to them, but of course work don’t need to know that ;)

Discovered that I’m working Christmas day, but don’t really mind as it’s not really an occasion without family, is it? Hopefully will have New Years Day off though. Also I’m not getting a huge amount of hours at the moment and am working 5 days a week instead of 4… I believe this stems from the fact that I’ve only been on time to work once so far :) ah well. At least it means I don’t have to get up at crazy o’clock. Today was actually quite cool at work and it’s easy as, but it’s just the prospect that it’s soul destroying and I can’t say I’ve ever been particularly attracted to food and beverage :) we shall see.

New age hairdressers

Woke up this morning with a verrry stiff back, maybe I spoke too soon! Nah it’s loosened up over the day and is getting better. Good stuff.

Today I decided to run some errands and got partially through them, most important was a haircut as my hair was getting rather bouffant. I went to this place called ‘the Loft’ and got in straight away with Kat. She seemed nice enough and we were talking about where we lived etc and she said her ideal place is a farm style house in the BC interior (where there are many beautiful places) with a big garden, where she could have some dogs and maybe keep some chickens, and where she could grow veggies and be self sufficient maybe. So I laughed but said fair enough, I saw myself ending up in more of a city place. After that we were talking about going travelling and what places we’d like to visit and from there ended up talking about world governments (can you see where this is going?), at which point she started on about corruption in governments worldwide which inevitably lead to the Bush administration and the apparent corruption in the UK and Canadian governments. She also started saying how we are going to see massive changes in our lifetimes as the world’s natural resources are running out and the population is apparently about to boom due to the effect of the baby boom (whereby the children of the boom are now at the age where they will all be having children of their own) and how she thought the US were going to spill into Canada as they were running out of space and were militarily stronger… At this point I was thinking, “woah hold on, the population demographic in the UK has been fairly stable over the past couple of decades, the US have looooads of room to expand as the population is around 275 million, compared with India which has a population of 1.7 billion in a much smaller area, also the UK is waaay more crowded than the US, I don’t think it’s going to be spilling over into Canada any time soon, if ever. On top of that, it’s just after 12 and I don’t need to be concerning myself with all this stuff this early (natch)!!”, but I let her finish off. It wasn’t actually all strung together one after the other like that but most of what I said was either “mm hmm”, or, “well I don’t know about that”. She finished by saying it’s all about the love and you get out what you put in etc., by which point I had fallen silent.
After a pause I said, “so did you come here for the skiing?” :)

It sounds more intense there than it actually was and it was nice to have someone talk to you about something other than small talk, but she did kinda go over the top with it..! Also it was weird to sit there in my chair and look out the window and see the lifts going up the mountain. I’d always wondered actually if hair dressers existed in ski resorts… I don’t think it’s something I’m going to do regularly though because it set me back 37 bucks… Argh that’s my money for the week gone in less than 2 days :(

Oh and the first season orientation course was actually pretty good, can imagine you were all concerned :) I was supposed to be going to a Heineken sponsored Christmas party tonight as well but instead am camping out here to save money, times are hard.

Later all X