Back on da hill yo’

Back in da house. Went up today for the first time in 2 weeks – partly as you know because I’m a crip, but also because the snow’s been so shite that it hasn’t been worth getting out there. Anyway today I went up Blackcomb to hit it up solo stylee. The snow was pretty variable – everything from powder to chop to hardpack to ice to loose stuff with rocks poking through. It was a good day though and wicked to know that I can go up again without fear of sending shockwaves up my back every time I hit a bump. Managed to take in 7th heaven – Cloud nine (very bumpy and rocky) and southern comfort (great and no-one on it) then hit the glacier (sweet as but the run out was boilerplate) before blitzing a green a couple times then heading through the park, but managed to resist the temptation of the kickers for today!

Did my good deed for the day too – helped some stoopid American woman carry her pram (with baby inside) up and down the steps between the bus stops and the village plaza.. There’s a lot of stoopid Americans here. My friend Eamon found a $100 bill that had obviously been dropped by an American with too much money to spend – he rinsed $60 on beer and the rest on pizza, good skillz. Lol. Anyway I’m off to bed, hope y’all had a good Christmas too! Hit me up with what you got up to.

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