Merry Christmas!

Ok so I’m a bit late on this but merry Christmas all! I had to work the past 5 days, weird cuz it made Christmas seem like any other day of the year, but I went on Christmas eve to the shop with Jess & Sarah to buy some food for a big dinner and we had 12 people eating at our place. It was snowing all day on Christmas day too – white Christmas! Walking home via the liquor store at the Shoestring Lodge was amazing cuz everything was white and there were big snowflakes falling all around me and I sound gay… :)

…and how many times can *you* say Christmas in a paragraph?..

Anyway got home around 5pm and cracked open a tinny with my supervisor from work, Stefan, who lives next door to us and keeps an oven on the back of an old truck which has been parked there permanently since we moved in. Then proceeded to consume another 9 beers before we finally ate! Dinner was cooked by yours truly with the help of my lovely assistant Jessica – we had chicken roasted with rosemary and garlic, roast potatoes and roast/baked veggies – leeks, yams, baby carrots and courgettes, plus sprouts(!), broccoli, stuffing and cranberry sauce. It was awesome!!!! I was amazed by how well it turned out considering the fact that not all the food would fit in the oven and we had to fashion two extra roasting dishes out of aluminium foil (or “aloominum” if you’re retarded). We did a secret santa too – I got a jackass type DVD and I bought Si a goggle wipe with the Whistler Blackcomb trail map printed on it and wrapped him up a pair of Kim’s underwear (goaded on by Matt) because I forgot to buy him the chocolate that was going to comprise the other half of his present, which got me slapped across the face by Kim when she discovered whose they were. Dinner was eventually ready at 11pm and then we had lemon meringue pie and rhubarb and apple pie with ice cream. Then most of the guys went home while me & Matt killed a bottle of port, then I passed out with some port still in a glass sat up on the sofa and woke up wondering why I was stinking of alcohol (spent all day wondering that til I took my jumper off in the evening and saw the bright red stains down my yellow t-shirt. Also explains why some of Jess’ hair was dyed red cuz she was KOed on my shoulder).

Work was a serious mission today, like slow torture and I was blatantly still drunk when I got in. Fortunately we get coke etc. on tap for free which is just the job eh? (Canada EH?) Is going to be luxury having the day off tomorrow cuz the last two weeks have been seeeeriously heavy going. Have to stop going out now though because have just about exhausted the last of my money and there’s an option board with my name on it :) oh yeah, and I’m going boarding tomorrow so fingers crossed my back’ll be ok!

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