Monthly Archives: December 2004

Happy New Year!!!

Ok so I’m on time this time :)

Sorry M&D for missing your call – I was at work until 4:45 today so couldn’t answer the phone, your voicemail message didn’t make much sense either!

Have to work tomorrow at 9 (so up at 7) so I don’t think it’s going to be a majorly crazy one tonight, we’re going to my friend Paul’s in White Gold for a house party but I’m guessing I’ll leave pretty soon after 12..

Hope you all had a good one, post me some antics and new year’s resolutions ;)

PS Thanks Clo for your message at midnight :)

Back on da hill yo’

Back in da house. Went up today for the first time in 2 weeks – partly as you know because I’m a crip, but also because the snow’s been so shite that it hasn’t been worth getting out there. Anyway today I went up Blackcomb to hit it up solo stylee. The snow was pretty variable – everything from powder to chop to hardpack to ice to loose stuff with rocks poking through. It was a good day though and wicked to know that I can go up again without fear of sending shockwaves up my back every time I hit a bump. Managed to take in 7th heaven – Cloud nine (very bumpy and rocky) and southern comfort (great and no-one on it) then hit the glacier (sweet as but the run out was boilerplate) before blitzing a green a couple times then heading through the park, but managed to resist the temptation of the kickers for today!

Did my good deed for the day too – helped some stoopid American woman carry her pram (with baby inside) up and down the steps between the bus stops and the village plaza.. There’s a lot of stoopid Americans here. My friend Eamon found a $100 bill that had obviously been dropped by an American with too much money to spend – he rinsed $60 on beer and the rest on pizza, good skillz. Lol. Anyway I’m off to bed, hope y’all had a good Christmas too! Hit me up with what you got up to.

Merry Christmas!

Ok so I’m a bit late on this but merry Christmas all! I had to work the past 5 days, weird cuz it made Christmas seem like any other day of the year, but I went on Christmas eve to the shop with Jess & Sarah to buy some food for a big dinner and we had 12 people eating at our place. It was snowing all day on Christmas day too – white Christmas! Walking home via the liquor store at the Shoestring Lodge was amazing cuz everything was white and there were big snowflakes falling all around me and I sound gay… :)

…and how many times can *you* say Christmas in a paragraph?..

Anyway got home around 5pm and cracked open a tinny with my supervisor from work, Stefan, who lives next door to us and keeps an oven on the back of an old truck which has been parked there permanently since we moved in. Then proceeded to consume another 9 beers before we finally ate! Dinner was cooked by yours truly with the help of my lovely assistant Jessica – we had chicken roasted with rosemary and garlic, roast potatoes and roast/baked veggies – leeks, yams, baby carrots and courgettes, plus sprouts(!), broccoli, stuffing and cranberry sauce. It was awesome!!!! I was amazed by how well it turned out considering the fact that not all the food would fit in the oven and we had to fashion two extra roasting dishes out of aluminium foil (or “aloominum” if you’re retarded). We did a secret santa too – I got a jackass type DVD and I bought Si a goggle wipe with the Whistler Blackcomb trail map printed on it and wrapped him up a pair of Kim’s underwear (goaded on by Matt) because I forgot to buy him the chocolate that was going to comprise the other half of his present, which got me slapped across the face by Kim when she discovered whose they were. Dinner was eventually ready at 11pm and then we had lemon meringue pie and rhubarb and apple pie with ice cream. Then most of the guys went home while me & Matt killed a bottle of port, then I passed out with some port still in a glass sat up on the sofa and woke up wondering why I was stinking of alcohol (spent all day wondering that til I took my jumper off in the evening and saw the bright red stains down my yellow t-shirt. Also explains why some of Jess’ hair was dyed red cuz she was KOed on my shoulder).

Work was a serious mission today, like slow torture and I was blatantly still drunk when I got in. Fortunately we get coke etc. on tap for free which is just the job eh? (Canada EH?) Is going to be luxury having the day off tomorrow cuz the last two weeks have been seeeeriously heavy going. Have to stop going out now though because have just about exhausted the last of my money and there’s an option board with my name on it :) oh yeah, and I’m going boarding tomorrow so fingers crossed my back’ll be ok!

Near death(ly) experience

Had one of the worst experiences of my life this morning. It was Si’s birthday yesterday so we had some people over, had some drinks (including punch made by moi again – the ming lives on guys!) then headed into town. To be fair I didn’t drink that much (well, by my standards maybe) and I felt pretty fine in the morning. Anyway, after having missed the bus to work at 10.13 by seconds I had to run down to meadow park (the local sport centre, which is about 5 minutes jog, the bus runs in a big loop round alpine meadows you see then goes back down the main road so if you miss it at our house you can head it off down there if you’re quick) which stirred up all the alcohol in my stomach again and I felt fairly half cut when I got on the bus. I made the gondola at about half ten and was in it with 6 or 7 people, still feeling fine. Then about 5 minutes into the ride, which is about half way to the mid-station, I started to feel kind of funny. By funny I mean slightly nauseous and light headed, and I debated whether to get off and chill for a bit at the mid-station, but I thought what the hey I’ve done this loads of times and I’m sure it’ll be fine. Anyway we set back off again and I started to get quite severe motion sickness. My head was totally spinning, I felt really queasy, the sun was shining through the windows and we were packed in there. All I could do was stare at the floor and recite mentally, “don’t be sick, don’t be sick, don’t be sick on the 7 random holidaymakers in here”, but I was expecting at any moment to have to jump up, push past the other people, climb on the bench and vom out the window. This went on for nearly 15 minutes, possibly the longest 15 minutes of my life, but I made it to the Roundhouse (albeit very dizzy) whereupon I chilled out in a toilet cubicle for 15 minutes until everything stopped spinning.

It was really bizarre because it’s not like any hangover experience I’ve ever had, but I’m guessing it must have been alcohol related because the symptoms eased off over the course of the day! At one point I was expecting to have to send myself home, but I thought I couldn’t really do that then rock up to the staff Christmas party later on, at least not without risk of getting sacked! So had to soldier through. Gnarly. Anyway, thought I’d share that with you all so can think, “haha.” :)

What a difference a day makes?

Got up this morning after having passed out almost fully dressed last night, expecting to go out boarding. So we got up and suited up and I was jumping about and my back was still giving me jip so had to give it a miss :( depressing. I hope this isn’t going to be a recurring issue throughout the season! Backs aren’t the best things to injure…

Went into the village instead to do a spot of shopping (not that I have money to burn, these were necessities) and got some thermal trousers (as one pair of mine seem to have disappeared somewhere in transit) and a balaclava thing! So now I can look proper ninja on the slopes. Got a bit of a bargain on both really because thermals count as ‘essentials’ so I get 45% discount at intrawest owned stores on them and other essential items (note that jackets and trousers aren’t essential items, apparently. I’d love to see what would happen to the people who came up with that when they skiied sans ski jacket and trousers) and I bought the balaclava from Summit and my friend Jo put it through on her staff discount, so I got it half price AND avoided giving intrawest my money! Bonus.

The title of this post refers to the state of the village today – there were so many people! When we got off the bus there was a massive queue of people to catch the free village shuttle home. Lazy bastards – it’s like a 5-10 minute walk :)

Tomorrow is Si’s birthday! I’ve bought him a goggle wipe (as he’s always bitching about his smeary goggle lenses)(actually he bitches most of the time, this is just one of his gripes) which has the Whistler-Blackcomb trail map printed on it, how cool is that! Lol. I’m sure he’s going to be ‘stoked’. I’ll try and get a picture of his happy face tomorrow.

Anyway I gotta go get me roast veggies out the oven. First proper meal I’ve made in a week!