Jay oh beeeeee

Got a job today! Result!!!

Is quite funny what process I had to go through to get the job considering the rigmarole at the recruitment fair. Fran had heard about a job going at a restaurant called 18 below at Blackcomb base 2 which she told me about last Tuesday, so I phoned the woman, Estelle, who is the head of recruiting, and asked about it on Wednesday. She asked me a bunch of questions about what had happened in my original interviews and what kind of experience I had and said that she thought she might have a position in a different restaurant and that she’d call me on Monday morning. So I sat in all morning today, got up at 7.30, and waited for the phone to ring (well actually I played SSX3 and GTA San Andreas :) but no call! So at 1p.m. I phoned and left a message and she called me back at 2.20 saying that she had a couple of positions going at the Roundhouse restaurant on Whistler either washing dishes or ‘bussing’ – which translated into English means general clearing up and keeping things stocked. I said I’d like the busser position so she said, “ok they’ve authorised me to hire you straight into the job, so that’s it! Bring the necessary forms to ‘the Cabin'” – simple as that. So off I trotted with the forms and it was aaaaall good baby. Woohoo!

So that means FREE LIFT PASS! Get in. I checked straight off if I could get day passes for the couple of days until I get my proper pass (Thursday) which was all good, so basically I’m set! I have to go and get uniform on Thursday and then have training on Friday (how hard can it be) and find out my shifts and stuff. But yeah, basically I should have no worries now :) I’m not sure how much I’m going to enjoy clearing up after people but maybe I can search for something better in a while… Anyway will see how it goes and at the moment I’m STOKED (another N.Americanism).

After that we thought it would be rude not to celebrate so went and got mullered, and even pulled a nice Aussie girl whilst with hat hair – crazy place this is!

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