Job Hunting

Today we went job hunting. It sucked. As I may have previously mentioned, there were supposed to be more jobs posted by Intrawest on the 20th, note ‘supposed’, mind you I wasn’t expecting a great deal cuz the woman on the phone did say that realistically she didn’t expect more jobs to be put on there until the start of December, and given their previous performance and adherance to their word… so, yea.. we went job hunting today. There was a job fair at the Four Seasons resort – for housekeeping positions – yep that’s right, a whole job fair for housekeeping positions. And you had to have 2 interviews (which was going to be 3 until a million people turned up, as per out here) to get a job. I managed to get the chief steward as my first interviewer, great. The interview went well but I don’t think he was too keen on my goatee… or the fact that I forgot to shave this morning cuz there was a bit of a queue for the shower :) lol. After that bombed out (actually they said they’d give me a call within a week, which means rejection seeing as no-one here will actually tell you you’re not going to get a job) we went round the hotels in the village looking for anything going. Me and Si managed to make the process light hearted but it was a pretty miserable day, so when we bumped into Sean in the village (Dunc’s mate from uni, probs his first mention) we thought it was only reasonable to go get a pitcher to ease the pain. Except Si forgot his ID (well to tell you the truth Dave has got Si’s drivers license and Lewis has got mine – until Friday anyway cuz then’s his b’day) so we got chucked off the patio :D after that we had to go to the Dubh Linn gate cuz they never ID, do pitchers of Irish lager for $10, and have a darts board :) a game of killer later then back home for some chill time before hitting the slopes for the first time tomorrow, booya. Will let you know how it is…

Night X

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