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Second tracks

On the back of last night’s festivities I got up after a mere 5 hours sleep to hit the slopes this morning at 8.30. I’d arranged to go up with Tim as I’d left my backpack in their room up at staff housing and I had to go up that way to get my day ticket anyway. So I dragged myself out of bed this morning feeling wwwwonderful and got up and out as quickly as I was capable. Matt Rai stayed round at our place last night so we headed up to staff housing together, although the bus did turn up whilst I was putting my board boots on so I legged it out of the house sans my helmet or a beanie… Goddamit.

Unsurprisingly Tim wasn’t up when we got to staff housing at 10 and also the stupid intercom thing on the door doesn’t work so you can’t actually get in unless you tailgate someone! Anyway someone turned up after we’d been outside a while so I went about banging Tim’s door down. We managed to raise him from the dead and he looked just as happy as I was to be out of bed. I went to get my day pass while he got ready and we eventually got on the lift at 11.13, poor effort!

Tim took out his new Option Free Plus for its debut and I’d just changed my stance quite a lot (widened by an inch and moved angles from 24/6 to 18/-3) and, considering the picture of health that we were in the gondola I was expecting a slow start to the day :) after a couple of runs though we met up with some guys that Tim knew – one was a Canadian snowboard instructor and the other guy was a Kiwi who had more than one season under his belt. They were pretty much hitting every kicker and bump in sight and spinning 360s like it was nothing – sick. The Canadian guy – Fred – took us on a bit of a guided tour. We did some tree runs in powder and two of the bowls at the top of Whistler which was pretty sweet! Unfortunately whilst we were doing the second bowl I was straightlining near the bottom to get enough speed to carry across the run-out and hit a compression which sent me flying through the air and rotating forwards and slightly to the right. Landed on the nose then catapulted onto my head before cartwheeling through the air, sending my goggles flying in the process, and finally coming to rest on my back about 10 metres from the lip. After that my boarding was pretty much done for as I was somewhat dazed, which was compounded by the fact that we had to do a ridiculously long traverse to get back to the lifts that destroyed any strength left in my legs after having been slashing the pow-pow. After having a rest though Sascha (who was the Kiwi guy) convinced me to do one last run before heading home :) I’m pretty sure that I’m going to be in much pain tomorrow as random parts of my body started hurting after we came off the hill… Oh well if you don’t fall over then you’re not pushing hard enough, right? It’s just sods law that I managed to head plant after leaving my helmet behind, although fortunately I managed to loan a beanie to keep me ears warm :)

There’s some awesome terrain on the mountain, even though we only got a tiny glimpse of it in today’s outing. Plus we covered probably less than a third of the top section of one of the mountains, and the snow is much thinner than it’s going to be, crazy. There were some really nice tree lined blue runs further down too which are going to be wicked for hammering down at mach 7. In fact one of the runs we hit a couple of times today – Emerald – was a fantastic run with some nice lips on it for knocking out a couple of jumps on the way down.

Anyway I’m rambling a little, hopefully I’ll get up tomorrow if I’m not in too much pain but it’s 50:50 at the moment! Damn my lack of fitness :)

Jay oh beeeeee

Got a job today! Result!!!

Is quite funny what process I had to go through to get the job considering the rigmarole at the recruitment fair. Fran had heard about a job going at a restaurant called 18 below at Blackcomb base 2 which she told me about last Tuesday, so I phoned the woman, Estelle, who is the head of recruiting, and asked about it on Wednesday. She asked me a bunch of questions about what had happened in my original interviews and what kind of experience I had and said that she thought she might have a position in a different restaurant and that she’d call me on Monday morning. So I sat in all morning today, got up at 7.30, and waited for the phone to ring (well actually I played SSX3 and GTA San Andreas :) but no call! So at 1p.m. I phoned and left a message and she called me back at 2.20 saying that she had a couple of positions going at the Roundhouse restaurant on Whistler either washing dishes or ‘bussing’ – which translated into English means general clearing up and keeping things stocked. I said I’d like the busser position so she said, “ok they’ve authorised me to hire you straight into the job, so that’s it! Bring the necessary forms to ‘the Cabin'” – simple as that. So off I trotted with the forms and it was aaaaall good baby. Woohoo!

So that means FREE LIFT PASS! Get in. I checked straight off if I could get day passes for the couple of days until I get my proper pass (Thursday) which was all good, so basically I’m set! I have to go and get uniform on Thursday and then have training on Friday (how hard can it be) and find out my shifts and stuff. But yeah, basically I should have no worries now :) I’m not sure how much I’m going to enjoy clearing up after people but maybe I can search for something better in a while… Anyway will see how it goes and at the moment I’m STOKED (another N.Americanism).

After that we thought it would be rude not to celebrate so went and got mullered, and even pulled a nice Aussie girl whilst with hat hair – crazy place this is!



well Telus managed to pull their finger out and we got our modem yesterday, finally. So now I can share some lovely pix with you all plus stick some posts up that I’ve been writing for a while in anticipation of this day :) I was going to link the photos up through here but that proved to be major hassle so I’ve set up a photo thingy at flickr (which will also let me post photos to here should I so desire in future). You should be able to view them at

If that isn’t working then let me know! Otherwise, enjoy :)

First tracks

Went up the mountain for the first time today, which put a TOTALLY different face on living here (for the better)! Up til now it’s been kinda weird living in a resort town with no resort, if you get me. I was actually pretty excited to be going up, so much so that I had an early night and got up at 7a.m. (unprecedented thus far) to make sure I wasn’t going to miss the early lifts. I’d arranged to go up with Beth to give her a hand with learning the art, and after I’d sat around outside Spicy sports (her place of work) waiting for her to get changed, plus bumped into Dan and Oli outside, we all headed up at around 8.56a.m. I wasn’t sure how much to layer up since it was my first time out so I whacked on 5 layers comprising thermals, t-shirt, microfleece, hoody and (new) jacket. Bloody good job I did cuz I was pretty much on the money as far as the temperature went, although I’m going to have to invest in a balaclava thingy (which I was planning on buying anyway) soon to keep the wind off my face at the top as I nearly got brainfreeze on one of the chairlifts! I also debuted my new helmet ;) should look totally ninja when I have my full face balaclava thing too, lol.

Anyway back to the point… On arriving at the top of the catskinner chairlift I agreed with Beth to go and do a couple of runs solo to find my feet whilst she did the same (at a somewhat more gentle pace, being only her 3rd day out boarding) then I’d catch her up either on the run or at the top of the chairlift and give her some pointers.

The first run I did was a fairly tame green run called ‘Easy Out’. The snow was pretty hardpacked and the first run down was pretty sketchy, but by the end of the day I was flying down at pretty much my regular pace :) I had heard some horror stories about people trashing their boards on rocks during early season so I was a bit wary of that, and by the end of the day the run we’d been doing was pretty trashed at the top with some tree bits and stones kicking about. I managed to avoid doing serious damage though but something has made my edge go kinda serrated in one place, argh.

After my second run I headed back up to the top and, predictably, Beth was nowhere to be seen. Normally I would have been able to get her on the walkie talkies that I have, but the charger for them has turned out to not be multivoltage (seeing as the stupid North Americans run on 110V) so it’s probably destroyed :) bugger. So I tried calling with no success.. Then I decided to hammer it down a black run to try and see if she was on the chairlift, which ran above that piste – no joy, but on the chairlift up I saw her still going down the same green run, lol. When I eventually caught up with her it turned out she’d only managed one run in the time I’d done four and had taken a nasty knock on the coccyx, so she went for a coffee break and I continued exploring alone. Whilst stopping to pick my line down the next blue run I bumped into Jen and her bloke Ant, so I cruised around with them for about another hour before stopping for lunch. I was going to treat myself to something but on seeing the prices I decided to eat my crushed ham sandwiches instead that I’d made that morning, efficient eh?! (Which were crushed when I fell earlier by overdoing it down the same black run, sliding down on my back underneath the snow cannons and getting a trouserful of wet in the process..)

At lunch we met Kash (Ant’s mate from Bournemouth uni), Lewis and Matt, but we made it a fairly short lunch break as I wanted to max my time out after purchasing a day ticket for $41 (although that’s still cheaper than going to Tamworth or Milton Keynes!) so I headed out again with Matt and Lewis to see what kinda standard they were up to ;) after having stopped my legs were feeling some serious burn though so I was glad to reach the bottom of the first run!

After a couple more times down Matt stopped to give Oli a hand (as it was his first day out and Dan had abandoned him) so me and Lewis sessioned the green run a bit more, caught up with Beth and her newly found friend Lara and tried to give them a hand with their technique.
By the end of the day Beth was linking her turns pretty good but Lara was at the point of exhaustion so my efforts with her were somewhat wasted! In fact I made sure she got home ok because they were about to shut the lifts and the only way down was to go down a run which was closed and unpatrolled, which I didn’t think was a good idea seeing as I’d somehow lost everyone else! It’s a good job I didn’t because by the time we got the chairlift down it had started snowing and the lower parts of the runs were shrouded in cloud. Oh yeah, and on the chairlift down, I realised I’d spent the whole day boarding without insurance as it didn’t start until the 24th ;)

Job Hunting

Today we went job hunting. It sucked. As I may have previously mentioned, there were supposed to be more jobs posted by Intrawest on the 20th, note ‘supposed’, mind you I wasn’t expecting a great deal cuz the woman on the phone did say that realistically she didn’t expect more jobs to be put on there until the start of December, and given their previous performance and adherance to their word… so, yea.. we went job hunting today. There was a job fair at the Four Seasons resort – for housekeeping positions – yep that’s right, a whole job fair for housekeeping positions. And you had to have 2 interviews (which was going to be 3 until a million people turned up, as per out here) to get a job. I managed to get the chief steward as my first interviewer, great. The interview went well but I don’t think he was too keen on my goatee… or the fact that I forgot to shave this morning cuz there was a bit of a queue for the shower :) lol. After that bombed out (actually they said they’d give me a call within a week, which means rejection seeing as no-one here will actually tell you you’re not going to get a job) we went round the hotels in the village looking for anything going. Me and Si managed to make the process light hearted but it was a pretty miserable day, so when we bumped into Sean in the village (Dunc’s mate from uni, probs his first mention) we thought it was only reasonable to go get a pitcher to ease the pain. Except Si forgot his ID (well to tell you the truth Dave has got Si’s drivers license and Lewis has got mine – until Friday anyway cuz then’s his b’day) so we got chucked off the patio :D after that we had to go to the Dubh Linn gate cuz they never ID, do pitchers of Irish lager for $10, and have a darts board :) a game of killer later then back home for some chill time before hitting the slopes for the first time tomorrow, booya. Will let you know how it is…

Night X