Well turns out I was right in thinking the queue for the phones was a bad sign! Spoke to Whistler career centre whatever thing yesterday evening and booked in an interview for the 3rd November, quite late in the recruitment fair. Then was informed that the staff housing was fully pre-booked and the soonest I can apply for the waiting list is 11th November, assuming some people get kicked out cuz they don’t get hired..

This brought on mixed feelings, at first I thought that’s cool cuz it’ll be fun trying to find somewhere to live and makes it a bit more exciting, but then also I thought of the prospect of not having anywhere to stay.. not quite so fun :)
I’ve been in touch with some very nice sounding people though who are starting the house hunt asap and hopefully we’ll get a big place sorted sometime this week!

Watch this space, as they say… (pretty lame, sorry)

Also I figure that the recruitment is going to go on a bit longer than first suspected as they have to give everyone a company fit interview and then a job specific interview, and if they don’t finish the company fit interviews ’til the 4th (which I assume is true, mine being on the 3rd) then it’s bound to go on for like another week… That’s cool though, reduces the amount of time until the lifts open!

3 days remain… (been watching Donnie Darko)

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