Tiiiiime for an update

ok, well the day is drawing near… Think I will just about be sorted in time, which, for me, has taken a near monumental effort!!! Last night I finally got round to doing my job applications, but after that I gave up on holding to make an appointment having waited to speak to someone for 20 minutes… Bodes well eh. Actually I think some elaboration is required due to the length of time it’s been since I last posted…

So, after the first choice interview… A while after that I figured we needed to get moving with the organisation for Canada. I did much research and decided that Canadian Affair were going to be the cheapest way of getting here, so we thought we’d better get the flights sorted so that we could proceed with the BUNAC application (had to send flight details plus insurance forms). We originally booked for the 17th October from Manchester, but didn’t get the return flight sorted out for aaages after that. Turned out that we didn’t leave on the 17th after all, bit annoying because it meant we lost £95… Ah well what can you do, that’s what trying to plan ahead does for you ;) We didn’t go then cuz I/we decided that it would be better to stay and earn more money for a week, plus save by not being away, plus I’d never have had time to do everything otherwise! Oh and also I figured that it was going to take too much time/money/hassle to go to a number of recruitment fairs before the Whistler one, whilst simulataneously convincing myself that Whistler was indeed the place that I really wanted to go to! Multitasking, wow.

Also, I got offered a job by First Choice to be a chalet girl in France (they warned me about “training” at the interview but not gender changes). Sucks a bit cuz they don’t tell you which resort you’ll be working in until after the training, also the contract start date was specified as January… I asked them why this was and they told me that they weren’t sure they were going to get enough bookings over the Christmas period, lol. Anyway, that should be kush as a backup in case all goes tits up :)

Back on track…

For you guys, the readers (or my fans? :), I am about to make this publicly available, and I’d imagine this’ll be my last post before I go unless I get some literary inspiration before then..

I made this for my friends and family as much as, if not more than, myself, so that if you want to see what I’ve been up to or leave me a comment then, er, you can! I’ll be checking my email regularly too though so up to you what you’d rather. Hopefully I’ll be able to put some pictures and stuff on here too from time to time, as long as they’re suitable for general consumption of course :)

Well take care of yourselves guys! Will post more soon X

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