Monthly Archives: September 2004

no news is?

hmmm have just been checking the information I’ve collected so far on resort recruitment fair dates etc. and noticed that one of the resorts I was very interested in going to (Big White) has its recruitment fair on the 15th/16th October :/ no way I’m going out that soon so have emailed them to see if they’re attending the BUNAC SWAP organised thingy on the 28th October (apparently lots of resorts from BC and Alberta are turning out), else if there’s any chance of getting a job there after that… Bit of a pain in the arse, was considering Big White (and Fernie) as another backup plan but looks like it’s been ruled out!

Other news: went for an interview with First Choice last Wednesday (1st Sept.), seemed to go OK, but who knows with interviews eh. Anyway they said they’d let me know in 7-10 days, so fingers crossed for that as a backup plan. I nearly didn’t go to the interview at all because of my usual excellent prior planning, meaning I had 45 minutes to get to the place (about 45 miles away) that I’d never been to before, but managed to arrive only 2 minutes late, don’t know if that will have an adverse affect on my chances of getting the job tho, we shall see…